Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Track Day 2009

Went to the Manual High School Track. Really nice day. I sent an email to a bunch of the track people and asked if they wanted to meet for the track. We meet later so we get at the track at 12:30 after the kids are back in class. However today the kids were still out, not sure why.

It was a really nice day, like April instead of January. I had not been back to that track since September 30, 2008 where I did 10X800 under 2:50. Wow, hard to believe I did that workout now.

Pete and Craig C. were the only ones to take me up on my offer. Craig got there early.

I did 4X400 (80,80,82,78) with an 800 @ 2:51 in the middle. My Calf's felt good. I had a good stride going and was breathing easy for the most part. On the way back, my right knee was sore, need to ice it tonight. It was so nice running back to the Y (2 miles), near 70 and sunny. Made me want spring to be here and not to go back to work.

Sitting at my desk working all afternoon, my lower back is sore, so I took some Advil. I knew I shouldn't have come back to work. Actually it was sore from when I woke up this morning and got worse.

Massage tonight and easy day tomorrow. Whoo Hoo.

Also got a new Sleep Number bed (I'm a 40) to sleep on tonight after my massage, I can't wait.

6 Miles total including Track Intervals.

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