Friday, January 23, 2009

More Rest

My Achilles felt OK today. I could have run the easy duck pond 5 mile run as planned, but I want to do a long run tomorrow, maybe around 16, so thought it better to rest it (the change in weather for the colder helped me decide). I had some soreness in the area, but not like the calf issues I've had. I had soreness in other leg muscles too. I hoped to get in 5 running days this week, but not to be. It's been since early December that I ran more than 4 days in a week. I am losing some of my base from when I was consistently going over 40 miles every week running 5 or 6 days.

I didn't do any kind of workout today, just went to the Y and packed up my bag and left.

I'm going to run with Jill part of my long run tomorrow, she's doing 22. Probably go to Waterton Canyon but not sure yet.

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