Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran with the Y group today. Wash Park 7 mile run. Nice day, nice pace. 53:47. Calf felt good.

Andre, Tom and I split from the group at Speer. They wanted to go easy and take the path back.
It was a really sloppy day, lots of puddles at the intersections from the warm temps and the melting snow.

Andre was really pushing the pace as Andre does. Especially the 2nd half and the last mile. Coming from Colfax to the Y, when Andre is in his zone, he just pins his ears back and runs hard. We did the last mile in 7:05. Fastest and hardest 7 miles I've done since before the Dallas Marathon in December. Tom was running strong too, you can tell he is taking the Moab training seriously.

Got a massage last night from Tara. It went well. I told her I was starting to run well again and her massage from last week must have cured me, well almost. She focused on my legs and running muscles which were a bit sore and sensitive from the days run. Then really dug into my back and neck. It felt so good. I went home and slept for like 9 hours before I had to get up for work. Wish I could do that every day.

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