Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Congress Park - Windy

It warmed up today, but was really Windy from the West. Felt good to be out running, the sun was out. I ran with Matt, Andre, Bob Besse and Jay. Matt, Bob and I ran the Congress Park route. I had a 1:00 meeting and leaving from the Y at 12, the 42 minute Congress Park run is about as far as I can go. Even with that I have to rush to the locker, take a 3 minute shower and jog back to work. Anyway it felt good to run again, after taking 3 days off it really seems like I haven't run much. My right calf/achillees started to bug at about the 2 mile mark, but I was able to maintain a decent pace.

Hadn't seen Matt M in a while, turns out he just took a job as diving coach for Regis. Also found out he was a collegiate diver for Wyoming and has coached diving before. So he's coaching at Regis High School from February to May. He was also telling me about a 1/2 marathon in Deadwood SD this summer that sounds like fun. And he's going to sign up for Chicago Marathon which is one of the ones I was thinking about, says registration starts on Sunday.

Here's a link for the Deadwoon half marathon

First time I really talked to Bob Basse (Andre's friend), he's done a lot of races and runs a lot, a member of Road Runers. He's doing Moab also.

5.5 Miles 42:30

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  1. If anybody is thinking about doing Deadwood, Bob Weber whose ran with our Isaiah teams may be interested in sharing a ride up and back. He'd like to run the Marathon, but really doesn't want to make the trip himself. Let me know if you see me at the Y if anybody is interested.
    Mark Brown