Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Jan 6th - Cross Train

No Run today, Right Calf feels like it has a knot in it, even walking around the office. Right knee is sore too. Got home late last night so all I did was run the massager on the calf muscles, felt good, there is definately a spot there that is sore and tender where the tightness originates.

I wanted to ice my Right Knee but didn't get too it. I looked at some info on line about Runners Knee and everything says to not run. Same thing with calf strains...

So I went to the Y, stayed in and did 15 minutes on the bike at an easy level 100+ rpm's (heart rate barely about 100), stretched, abs (300), weights (6 Machines) and rowed for 2000 meters (10 minutes) easy pace. Pete C. came by when I was rowing and said I didn't look like I was working very hard and he was right. I did some calf raises also, need to do more of those.

Finally got on the scales. 157 gained 4 pounds since Dallas Marathon. Goal is 150 for Moab, a pound a week, I gotta get back to running again to get there, god forbid I change my diet.

I really need to concentrate on hydrating, I got out of me hydration pattern over the holidays and I know I'm dehydrated. Peeing Apple Juice instead of Lemonade. :)

Got a massage scheduled for 7 tonight, hope that works the kinks out and I am running again soon.

George sent me this link for a supplement he has been taking that he says has cured all his problems...



Here is the link for the Glucosamine MSM joint
comfort. Good luck.


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