Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Middle 3 of 2009

I ran my first middle 3 of 2009 today. 18:43. I felt really good, what a difference a week has made with my calf. Same route last week and I was really in a lot of pain and disappointed. See my blog entry from 1/9/2009 the day after. Hopefully only normal soreness and stiffness today.

My mile splits were 6:13, 6:23, 6:07. First Middle 3 since 11/21/08. I looked back at last year and I was running around 20 for the middle 3, so speed wise I'm ahead. Mileage wise, I'm about 20 miles short, but the year is young. I am feeling encouraged again and starting to think about my goals and races, I added some to the blog on the right.

Ran with Jeff, Craig C, Andre, Tom and Jay today. Nobody else wanted to do the Middle 3. Some said next week. Tom and Andre picked it up the last mile back to the Y, but I had done my speed work for the day so I let them go and hung back with Craig C and Jay.

Hoping for an easy duck pond tomorrow, a rest day on Saturday and the Frosty 10 Mile on Sunday. Weather is supoosed to be good.

Garmin Watch Data for the Middle 3

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