Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Cross Training

Massage went well last night, maybe the best I've ever had, but haven't had a lot of massages. Scott, the king of our running group gets massages on a regular basis and he runs pretty good, so maybe there is something to it. Tara was the masseur, I was tempted to make a Tara Misu joke but refrained.

Anyway, she worked my calf's and found a knot where it has been tight. Also worked on the other calf, I was surprised how sore it was. Worked up and down my legs, it felt good then went to work on my back and neck which were a mess. She found a lot of tight spots and pressure points. I'd like to do a massage a week. I went home, ate and slept really good, probably got 9 hours sleep, which is great for a week day.

I took the day off from running and went to the Y and cross trained at lunch, an extra long workout to try to burn off some energy and calories. 13 Minutes rowing (2500 meters), 10 minutes on the bike and 12 on the elliptical.

Hope to run tomorrow and see if the calf and knee are better. Icing the knee tonight.

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  1. I hope you have learned that to run well, it's not all about running! :)