Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 2, 2009 - Bad Run

Went to run my 7 mile CC Park loop, wanted to do a decent pace, but didn't feel that good all day. I spent the morning taking down the Christmas lights and stuff. Weather was great 68, sunny. Waited till about 3:00, walked the dogs earlier in the day.

My right knee started hurting after about 2 miles, which has been common since around mid November when I was training for Dallas WhiteRock, it hurts but is runnable, mild pain. Then my calves started cramping and stiffening up like they did the day before with the dogs. I thought I could just run through it. Then at about the 4 mile mark, my left lower calf cramped really bad and was so tight and stiff. I stopped and massaged it a couple of times and tried to run through it. It helped some, but not much.

I started thinking about the Denver Marathon and how it felt similar to the way it did before it popped and how it took me a couple of weeks to recover before I could run again. I did not want that to happen so I walked the last couple of miles. I ran a couple of times for brief periods but it would tighten up again. I ended up with 5 miles running out of the 7 mile distance.

Very disappointed and confused as to why this happened. Just like Denver. I hope it's just dehydration and pushing it from the previous day. I will take a day or two off and see how it goes.

I am ready to start training for Moab mentally, but need to be healthy / recovered before I push it.

Here's a Link to the Run Data, I stopped the watch for the walking parts, which you can tell from the graphs.

Garmin Watch Run Data

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  1. I think...and this is just a theory...that you tore a legiment or small muscle in your calf. That happened to me and it dogged me forever 0 look at St. George and that locking calf cramp I got!!! Not until I went to massage therapy and I got the therapist to dig (and I mean DIIIGGG) in there did it feel better. And it may never be better but massage therpay will definitely help. My 2 cents worth :).