Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day Run

Ran with the dogs. Levi and Lucy. Lucy's 3rd run.
Ran from Home to the Dog Park at Cherry Creek, then up to the Jordan Road Trail Entrance and back home. About 7 1/2 total

I let the dogs run off lead for a couple of miles at the dog park (loop up to the parking lot and back). The dogs did good, Lucy needs a bit more training in learning to come when I call and not follow other dogs and people. Levi was great as always. Levi got in the creek, Lucy did not.

I ran an easy pace, temperature was in the 50's with sun. On the way home I got some cramps in my calf's and started feeling a bit of fatigue despite the easy pace. I think it was from too much New Year's Eve alcohol dehydrating me (mixing martinis, wine, beer and champagne) although no hangover.

Here's a link to the run: I messed up the watch a couple of times.

Garmin Watch Run Data

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