Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snowboarding with Brittany and Zach

Got up early (5 am) today and went snowboarding with Brittany and Zach. We went to Winterpark/Mary Jane. There was so much snow, it snowed yesterday and then they got another 8 inches last night. Tons of powder.

We did about 15 runs from MaryJane over to Vasquez and back.

Brittany has improved her toe turning a lot, it was her idea to go snowboarding.
Zach is really good and I can no longer keep up with him on a snowboard (skis maybe).
I didn't ski today because we were having too much fun on the powder on snowboards and I was away from the car.

Zach took us through a little terrain park and Brittany and I did some jumps and a rail and a rainbow without crashing. Too fun.

The last run of the day we came down Sleeper back to the car. By that time Brittany and my legs were trashed from snowboarding in the powder all day Sleeper hit me hard, I hit so many bumps and icy spots and jarred my back and neck. I know I will feel that tomorrow. Zach went on yet another run after that despite having a full day yesterday. He's a snowboarding machine.

On the way home we stopped at the 99 cent hamburger hippie place in empire, where the hamburgers are really $4. We ate there and had a great time. I am tired but had a full weekend for sure.

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