Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 3rd - Snowboard/Ski with Zach at WP/MJ

No run today, calf was very sore last night. Massaged it with foot massager. Worried that snowbarding and or skiing would suffer as a result, but it was fine with both due to limited motion and no pounding.

Zach and I had fun. It snowed about 10 inches when we were there, but about 12 from the night before. It was a total powder day or "fresh pow" as Zach calls it. Zach is really good and leaves me in the dust on both the board and on skiis.

I snowboarded in the morning on the powder, did about 8 runs (had a loose binding that caused some problems). I did ok despite being a bit rusty. Switched to Skis at about 1 and skiied for a couple of hours. Did about 5 runs, deep powder and moguls. Finished on a mogul run (rifle notch) which really burned my quads. Wrenched my back on a couple of hard falls on the board and one on skiis.

Came home and massaged everything and tried to strech out my back. Very tired but fun day.

I took my GPS Watch and turned it on for most of the day including lifts and runs. Missed a couple of runs but kinda cool to see it on a map. Especially in the Player with the Elevation on the map, you can really tell the runs vs the lifts and how slow I was on the mogul run.

Garmin Watch Data

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