Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long Run 19 at Cherry Creek Park

Ran a long run at Cherry Creek Park this morning. 19.1 Miles Total 2:43:09.

Matt met me at my house and we left about 9:30. Matt's training for an Ultra 50k in February so this was a good training run for him too. Temps were around 40, a bit overcast, but warmed up and the sun came out for most of the run. The plan was to meet Alicia on the other side (west) of the Park and run a few miles with her and then back for the 19.

We ran through the Piney Creek Neighborhood, down by the old library and the creek and then into the Park. Kind of into the wind, hands were chilly, but holding a good 8:15 pace as we warmed up. We made our way over to the bike path and then to the porta-potti just past the 5 mile mark. Stopped there for Gu, water and a bathroom break at 10:20.

Then we ran to the beach area and met up with Alicia, we were 6 1/2 miles into the 19. She brought us each a punch gatorade. (Thanks). That hit the spot. Alicia was dressed warm with fleece and said she'd like to shed a layer after she warmed up, she wanted a 2 hour 14 mile run. So we ran out by the Marina and across the base of the Dam on a nice trail that's there. It goes about 2/3 across the lake and stops, so we did an out and back. Then ran back to Alicia's car at West Middle school. We were hold about an 8:20 pace even with the uphill.

Alica dropped some stuff off at her car and based on the Garmin we were at 9 miles, so I planned a 5 mile out and back to the other side of the park, and then Alicia was going to drive Matt and I back home. I misunderstood that Alicia thought we'd run past her car a couple of times to refuel, so she didn't pack much water or Gu. More about that later...

We had a good run over to the cinder trail and down to butterfly hill, around it and back to the road over to one of my favorite trails through the trees. Today however, the trail was ice packed from the snow, so not so good running. Alicia asked if we should turn around (my first clue that she wanted to loop back to her car). I said just a bit further and it clears up some, which it did. Then we ran over by the boat ramp and along the swim beach to the other side of the lake. A nice little trail through there, again icy so we got on the road.

When we got to the Tower loop, Alicia asked how we got back to her car and I said the way we came but with the road. She thought we would cross over and run back the short way. This is where we realized we misunderstood, she was out of fuel and we were 6 miles away from her car taking the road back, she was concerned she'd crash. So she climbed up the rocks to the Dam and ran back the 2 miles along the Dam road. I felt so bad, that road is narrow, but has great views and not too much traffic on a Sunday. In retrospect I should have known when she dropped everything off at her car and asked to turn back a couple of times. I also wish Matt and I had run back with her on the Dam.

Matt and I were 13 miles into our 19 and about 6 miles from my house so we headed back As we ran back we could see Alicia running on the top of the Dam road. It was an impressive site with the views in the background. Talked to her later and she said it was a great run back and she got in her 14, so all is well.

Matt and I worked back to the boat ramp where the water was shut off, so we headed up to the park entrance to refill our water, which has a pretty steep long hill. Then home along Parker which has a huge hill leading to Bellview. Matt charged up that hill, where I fell off pace. He also charged the hill leading up to chambers. He is really strong running the hills and in great shape overall.

We got to my neighborhood and I was a 1/2 mile short on the 19, so we ran around by Laredo and the park and then through the neighborhood ending at 19.1. An 8:30

Garmin Watch Data for Run

That give me 50 miles for the week (my first 50 mile week of my Boston Training) and 197 Miles for January. That's a really good month for me. Most miles I've every logged this early in the year. Hope I can stay healthy and on schedule or close to it.

Thanks for the Run Alicia and Matt!

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