Sunday, January 3, 2010

Highline Canal Long Run 15

Ran my first Boston Long Run training run today. Did 11 of it with Zach, a training run for Phoenix, then 4 more on my own.

We ran the Highline canal North from Orchard, out and back. It was snow packed with some patches melted, but mainly packed.

For the 11 with Zach, we had a nice pace. 8:18 going out the first 5 1/2. We slowed to an 8:30 for the 2nd half. Overall 11 miles in 1:32:20. Given the traction and footing that was pretty good. Zach slipped once on a curve and went down. I slipped on a snow back but didn't fall. We were both OK. We had a Gu and water break at the turn around, but other than that it was a steady 11.

After the 11, I filled up my water bottle, had a Gu and headed south on the trail, while Zach waited at the car. The trail was not so good in that direction and it gets more suburban with greenbelt trails. There were a couple of good snow packed hills going out that slowed me down too, plus I got fatigued, my first run over 10 in a while and first time over 2 hours running since the Marathon. You lose it quick.

15 Miles, 2:10:28

Garmin Watch Data for Run

I have my Boston Schedule on my calendar and on my training log. 15 Weeks to go.

650 miles to Boston, - 15 today.

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