Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yoga and Recovery Day

I had a massage last night. 80 minutes of heaven. My legs were really tight from the last 3 days, the hills and the miles. Left hamstring was tight running back on Tuesday, Tara worked that, my calfs and my right knee which still tweaks me now and then.

I went to Yoga at lunch. Another cold spell moved in and some snow at lunch so it was a good day to stay inside, stretched some and then went to Yoga. Looked out the window as it was blowing snow. Tough class though. My balance and flexibility were off in my legs, probably due to the massage and the miles, need to work and flush that stuff out. That's why I do Yoga, and hydrate of course.

Supposed to be very cold and snow 3 inches, tempo day tomorrow so I might have to hit the dreadmill at lunch for a tempo run.

I've been sleeping well at night and feel generally rested for the first week of training. Yeah, only 15 more to go.

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