Thursday, January 7, 2010

Treadmill 7 - 4 at Tempo

I did my first tempo training run today, also my first treadmill run in 2010. Did not make it that far into the year before hitting the treadmill. It snowed about 3 inches last night and was bitter cold, 5 below zero last night and this morning. I worked at home so I went to the Rec Center near my house for my tempo run.

I would have run outside in the cold, but the footing was not good for a tempo run, so the rec center was the best option.

I ran 7 miles. 1.5 Warm up at 8 min pace, 4 at 6:44 pace and then 1.5 Recovery at 8 minute pace. It seemed to take forever but was only 51 minutes. I seem to lock in and stare at the display and numbers which makes it worse.

Nice facility, trails rec center. More open and more equiptment than the downtown Y, less people at lunch too. But I like the Y, seeing the regulars and the runners.

7 Miles 51 Minutes

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