Sunday, January 24, 2010

Long Run 18

18 Mile Long Run today. Ran from my house out to CC Park around the Dam and toward CC Path to the point where it splits to the Highline Canal, then back home on the trail along Parker.

It was windy at the start and I had a head wind. Wind was from the Northwest, could really feel it in the open areas of CC Park, running into it. I dressed warm though.

Felt better than yesterday, but not great. I ran slow, near the slow end of my Long Run range. The wind going out and the hills coming back (with a tail wind thank god), slowed me down. My right knee hurt and I felt my left hamstring tug a few times going up hill.

I tried to think about Boston and the winds there, how this was good training for it, plus the hills. Just keep going and click them off to get 18 in, one of those endurance runs, slow and easy.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

18 Today, 47.5 for the Week

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