Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mile High Hill Repeats X 6

Did 6 Hill Repeats today with the group. Range was 2:10 to 2:20, 2:18 average a bit slower than last week..

Tom, Craig C, Craig M, Matt and Bob joined me on the hill today.

Craig and Bob did 6 with me. Matt’s first time on the hill, he did 5, but they were all fast, around 2:00. Bob’s first time on the hill too, he did good and didn’t rest as long as the rest of us. Tom and Craig did 4, went 2 and 2 according to Tom, another draw. That’s why you do 5 Tom, unless you tie on one.

I felt it in my legs and cardio a bit today from the Half Marathon on Sunday. Didn't have that push I have had.

Craig M told me he had his max HR ever on the hills last week up to 178. 5BPM higher than track work. Interesting. I should wear my HRM next week and get some stats.

I messed up my Garmin on the way out and the first uphill interval, but the rest is good.
Garmin Data for Workout

9.6 Miles total with 4 Miles of hills, about 1:24:00 total time. These make for long workouts as I add a hill repeat each week.
Cloudy and chilly in the 40’s. Good weather for January hills.

Massage tonight good timing again. I might switch my rest days around this week depending on how I feel on Wednesday...

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