Saturday, January 9, 2010

Waterton Canyon Long Run 16

Moved my long run to Saturday for a variety of reasons, mainly to give Zach an extra rest day before his first half marathon next week.

We met Matt at Waterton Canyon at 10 and were running about 10:15. It was windy and cold. Some ladies that just finished running said the canyon was windy and cold, they were right.

Zach and I wore shorts, long sleeve shirts and gloves. Matt had tights and a couple of layers. We were running uphill into a stiff wind on the way to the dam. We saw some bighorn sheep along the way, probably the most I've ever seen there, and close too.

We ran out at an 8:20 pace, took us 51:44 to go the 6.4 miles. The footing was pretty good, a few slick spots, but a lot of dirt road also. We saw a lot of runner there today going and coming.

The river was beatuiful with the snow and the frozen waterfalls and ice. Blue skies and sun above the canyon. Some shady frozen tundra sections too.

We got to the turn around and had some Gu and water and looked at the Dam and ice falls.
Then we turned around and ran down, with the wind to our back and it was warming up. Matt peeled off a few layers. We let Zach set the pace and he did well, sub 8 on the way back, 7:30 at some sections. He had a good kick too. We ran back in 48:40, 3 minutes faster with a total time of 1:40:30 for 12.4 miles. Zach was strong at the end, even Matt said so. I think he'll do great next week in Phoenix

I filled up my water bottle and had a quick gu and gatorade break, said goodbye to Matt and then ran toward chattfield and back for 3.6 miles to give me 16. I slowed down some to about an 8:30 pace. That section has some rolling hills, I thought of Boston and that gave me a bit of a boost, I felt better than last weeks long run (last Sunday actuall). Ended up with an 8:14 average for the 16.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

Thanks to Matt and Zach for a great run

16 Miles 2:11:56

58.5 miles this week (thanks to 2 long runs) 1 Hill workout and 1 Tempo run in 7 days, I am ready for a rest day.


  1. Did you see any Big Horns today? Love it when I see them; the stop me dead in my tracks and I just admire them awhile. I need to head up there next weekend, I think. Dimity is running that 10-miler at Chatfield (I am NOT, thankfully) so I may run 16 while she runs race and then we do lunch after. Oh...sorry, that was all about me - haha, just got sidetracked on Waterton.

    Nice job today! Zach's going to have an awesome race!

  2. Yeah, I forgot to put them in my blog. We say about 6 on the way up the canyon, a family with young sheep. Matt spotted them, he's got really good eyes, they really blend into the rocks, took me a while to find them.

    Then on the way back, we saw a whole herd on the side of the mountain grazing. Most I've ever seen at once. Very Cool

    Enjoy the canyon, hopefully not windy next week.