Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mile High Hill Repeats X 4

Did the Mile High Hill Repeats workout today. 4 Hill Repeats. The hill is 1/3 of a mile up with about 120 ft of elevation gain. The hill is right next to mile high stadium.

Here's a map of where we start. It's 2.85 Miles from the Y to the start and 2/3 of a mile for each interval, so it makes for a long workout.

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I did 4 hill repeats. 2:24, 2:18, 2:14, 2:19.

We used to do this workout a lot in Jan/Feb with the group, to build leg strength. I've included it in my Boston Training, every Tuesday for 6 weeks adding 1 hill repeat each week. I looked at my log and it was February 12, 2007 since I did the workout last. Almost 3 years, my how time flies.

I sent a group email yesterday asking if anyone wanted to join me and leave early since it is a long workout, got a bunch of "maybe next weeks", only Tom was up for the challenge this week, he did 3 repeats and had to leave. Thanks Tom! Nice Job.

First time I've worn my Garmin on a hill workout. Kinda Cool, link below

Garmin Watch Data for Workout

8.5 Miles 1:12:30

Massage scheduled tonight, good timing 30 miles in the last 3 days, with a rest day tomorrow.

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