Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mile High Hill Repeats X 7

Ran to the hill and did 7 Hill Repeats today. Range was 2:12-2:18. 10 Miles Total

I was dreading this workout since my long run, but it turned out to be pretty good.
My legs were not sore today (except that dang right knee) and I had more energy.

Tom and I left the Y at 11:30, when we got to Confluence we saw Bob, who also invited his daughter Gina to meet us there. Gina's a freshmen at CU Denver.

We ran over to the hill and started the repeats. It was an ok day, 40 with some sun peeking out now and again. We all took off an extra layer as we started hills. I ran the first one 2:12, Tom was right behind me. Bob ran up and down easy with his daughter.

After the 4th one, the rest of the group was at the bottom of the hill. Craig C and Craig M, Matt and Tim. So we had a good group.

Matt was flying up the Hill "wicked fast" (1:49) Craig M wasn't that far behind him. Matt did 4 all under 1:52, Craig C and Craig M did 5 as did Tom who left early to go back.

Bob joined me for the last 3, which helped pull me through the workout. I actually felt better on the last 4 and my times were consistent. I must be acclimating to the hills.

Another runner showed up, random and ran a couple of repeats. Todd was his name. He was young and fast too. Craig M stayed and did another repeat with him after we left.

After the 7th one, I ran back with Craig C, Bob and Gina. We dropped Gina and Bob off at the CU Denver campus where she goes to school, she ran up the hill a few times, not an easy feat I felt good having this workout under my belt. A long tough one, ready for a rest day tomorrow.

Good workout guys, thanks for joining me. It was "wicked hard". Part of my Boston Lingo and accent I'm adapting.

I messed up my Garmin on the last interval. Forgot to start the watch.

Garmin Watch Data for Hill Repeat

I had an acupuncture treatment later in the day. Mainly preventative for my calfs, but they are starting to get a bit tight and a couple of knots. She put needles in them and gave them 30 minutes of electricity. I also told her about my right knee, which she treated with needles and 15 minutes of juice. Also my left hamstring that has been tugging at me, needles and 15 minutes of juice. It was pretty intense, but relaxing except for a few moments. She said the knee might be some bursitis and I should use traumeel on it and the hamstring.

Funny when she applied the juice to the hamstring, I twitched like a frog leg in biology. Zing. Wicked Twitching going on here....

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