Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cherry Creek Park - 10 Mile out and Back

Ran a 10 mile out and back from my house to Cherry Creek State Park near the lake.

Got up to 60 today and sunny so 95% of the snow was melted off the sidewalks, streets and paths. A few bad spots where it is shady and some wet places, puddles and mud.

We ran later in the day. so it would melt/dry off the most. About 2:30, the day of the time change, so it gets dark around 5:30 now. The shadows and sunlight is different this time of day, this time of year.

Zach ran with me to about the 3 mile mark then turned back. We had an easy pace going, except when we had to slow down on the snow and ice. It was kinda fun.

I slowed down coming back up hill.

10 Miles 1:27

Garmin Data for Run

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