Saturday, October 31, 2009

Piney Creek Neighborhood - 5

Ran through the neighborhood on Saturday, Halloween. The sun came out and it warmed up so a lot of melting going on, on the sunny sidewalks and most of the streets it was clear by 2:00. So I did a late run. Took the dogs (Levi and Lucy) for a 2 mile loop. Then dropped off Levi (he was dragging) and took Lucy for another 3 miles. Went down to the Creek and checked out the path, it was thawing but very wet.

Lucy and I ran back through the neighborhoods, lots of people getting ready for halloween, decorating, going to parties, arriving at parties. Fun. Lucy loves to run, I'd like to take her on some longer runs and see how she does.

The sidewalks are wet, there are going to be a lot of wet kids in costumes tonight.

Garmin Watch Data

5 Miles 45 Minutes

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