Monday, November 16, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 mile route with the group at lunch today. Felt good to get out and run after another weekend snow storm. No running for me this weekend. Decided to rest the legs and knees, would not have gotten any quality on Sunday with the snow, about 6 inches on the roads and sidewalk.

Sun was out today, but there were some slick spots and some puddles as it started to melt. Very cold in the morning, around 32 when we started running at noon. I wore shorts, gloves and 2 shirts (1 short, 1 long sleeve). I was comfortable once we were running, especially in the sun.

Good group today. Jeff, Craig, Bob and I went to Wash Park and back at a good pace. The other guys (Matt, Tom and Andre) ran Cheesman. We ran on the path street, sidewalk, whatever to find good footing. On the way back at Cheesman I planted my right foot on a snow bank to avoid a puddle and went through the snow to a puddle below. Tweaked that right knee again, the one I rested and was feeling better today... It's OK but will probably nag me for another week or so.

7 Miles 52:41

Zach's Cross Country banquet was tonight, it was fun. He did a video for the team and there were about 50 kids there from the team. They talked about each one, with a picture. Manley gave a mention to the Pickled Prostates when Zach was up there. They said they saw Zach out running after the season, because he's training for Phoenix Half. Manley gave all the kids the book "Born to Run", which I am currently reading.


  1. The dreadmill may become your best friend this winter if this snow continues :/.

  2. Dreadmill is right. January of 2008 is the last time I got on a treadmill.