Monday, November 23, 2009

Take a Knee, do some Yoga

I did Yoga today instead of my usual Monday run with the group, which usually helps me through a Monday.

I ran hard this weekend and did almost 20 miles.
I woke up this morning and my Right Knee, the one I tweaked a couple of times running on the snow and ice, was hurting and sore.
I drove to work and it was so stiff and sore I limped getting out of the car.
Then sitting at my desk and at a staff meeting it got worse and worse.

So I went to an 11:30 yoga class. Susan's Yoga for Athletes. I backed off some of the leg poses where I thought it stressed my knee. Overall after yoga and walking back it felt good.

Not sure what me schedule is for this week. This knee thing keeps nagging me and rest helps a lot. I have the Turkey Trot race on Thursday, that's the only definate.

I looked it up online and I think its a Grade 1 MCL strain

Or a Medial Miniscus strain

There's some cool video links to test it out. The Midiscus one looks painful.

Both of them say to RICE it and not train. I've been RICEing when it bugs me, but the not train is what gets me every time.

Gotta Run..

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