Friday, November 6, 2009

Middle 3

Ran the Middle 3 today, our 7 mile run with a 3 mile tempo run in the middle. 18:46.

It was 7 weeks since my last middle 3, going back to September 17th, the week after the relay.
I lost about 30 seconds off where I was then, my best for the year is 17:57 in June and I have not been over 19 all year, so pretty consistent despite my injuries this year. 15 Middle 3's this year so far.

I did feel it though, my lungs were burning and I didn't have that race focus. I got 3 traffic stops which I needed.

It was a warm day, near 70. Craig C, Alicia and I ran the middle 3. Nobody else ran, although we saw Tom, Jay and Scott coming back from an early middle 3.

Alicia ran her first middle 3 today. She did great. Congratulations Alicia!

We ran back easy. It felt good to run a middle 3 after the marathon recovery period. I plan to do them until the turkey trot to get some speed back.

My Garmin was dead, so no Garmin data. My splits ranged from 2:55 to 3:14

7 Miles 50:46.

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