Thursday, November 19, 2009

Middle 3

Ran the Middle 3 Today... 18:33. My goal was 18:30. Missed by a few seconds. Was on pace for 18:30 but waited too long to kick at the end.

Good group today. 6 Middle 3 runners

Matt, Dennis, Chipman, Craig/Tom and Tim the new guy who didn't know what we were doing, now he knows.

Alicia and Craig C ran easy to the Park and back.
Jay tapered for the Saturday Brighton Turkey Trot.

It was fun to watch Craig and Tom sprint at the end trying to finish ahead of the other, just like the old days (or last summer). I'll call it a draw but give Craig the first mention due to seniority.

Great day for it, temps in the upper 40's with sun. Had to run on the road cause the trail had ice and mud. I felt good, had a couple of traffic stops that helped. Thought I was running slow compared to Matt who pulled away from me and kept putting distance between us. Turns out he was running fast, real fast...

Congrats to Matt (pictured above), he did 17:06 today at the Middle 3. Taking 30 seconds off his PR. He is in peak shape being just over 3 weeks from his Tuscon Marathon. I plan on joining him for part of his last long run on Sunday.

Garmin Watch Data from the Middle 3

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