Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon - Cheesman 5 Miles

Had another busy day at work, but the weather was so nice, I had to squeeze in a run. That and Gina and her sister Lisa were going to be at Cheesman Park at lunch for their weekly dog walk and I wanted to drop by and say hi. I had a 1:00 meeting and I barely got to the Y and changed out by 12. So the plan was a quick Cheesman 4 and hit the showers, change and back
to work by 1.
Good group at the Y today. Matt, Craig M, Dave C, Andre, George, Chipman and myself = 7.

I told Gina we might see her around 12:10 as we came running through from the northeast corner of the park on the path. Didn't see them for a while and thought maybe I'd miss them, but just after the porta potti there they were with the 5 dogs. I asked the guys if they wanted to meet my wife and the dogs and they said sure, so we stopped and I introduced
them and the dogs real quick.

I'd say Hercules made the biggest impression (Surprise). Lucy attracted Matt's
attention, he always wanted a Brittany and we talked about her when we got her. Lucy looked like she wanted to run, so I told Gina I'd take Lucy for a lap with the group and meet her back at the Northeast Corner of the park.

So I ran off with Lucy, pink leash in hand. She was trotting with the group, like it was normal. The guys made a few jokes and then we split at the usual corner. George, Chipman and myself went around the park with Lucy, the other guys did the bike path.
When I got to the end of the park at the meeting point Gina wasn't there and the clock was ticking on my meeting. George headed back to the Y and Chipman and I started another lap. He actually offered to take the dog and find them so I could get back, nice guy, but I couldn't do that.

I ran back to where they were before and they weren't there. Then I split with Chipman and headed through the middle of the park looking for them all around. 2 Ladies and 4 dogs are easy to spot (usually). I was starting to worry I might be in the park all afternoon looking for them, while my boss was at work fuming because I missed the 1:00 meeting.

I had never run on the middle grassy part, where the cemetery used to be. But you can see most of the park from there. I worked my way back to the original meeting corner and there they were. I handed off Lucy and looked at my watch. 20 minutes and it was a 10 minute run back to the Y.

They asked me to take a quick picture which I did and then I ran back
to the Y in 8 minutes, showered and made it to my 1:00 right on time.


Herculese, Lucy, Gina, Levi, Rosy, Lisa and Foster

At Cheesman Park

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