Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Trot 2009

Ran the 4 mile Denver Turkey Trot today. 26:14. About 50 seconds slower than last year.

It was a great day for it. Probably the best ever. Temperatures in the 50's then up to 60 after the race. Blue Skies. Tons of people, very festive.

Zach and I left at 8:30, picked up Tanner and got there about 9:00. Got our race stuff and then waited for Gina, Brittany, Lisa and Greg to arrive with the Dogs. When they got there we walked around a bit and took this pre race photo, below...

2009 Turkey Trot Pre-Race Photo
Greg, Gina, Zach, Tanner, Lisa, Dennis, Brittany
Rosy, Hercules, Foster, Levi and Lucy

We separated, I jogged to the porta-pottis at the finish becasue the lines at the start were huge and wrapped around the parking lot. As I jogged my knee was hurting, I was thinking it needs to loosen up and get some blood flowing so I can race.

It warmed up quick so I ran back to the car and changed into a tank top, shorts and ditched my gloves. A turkey trot in Denver in a tank top. Yes! I got in line near the start of the race and looked around for any friends. I saw Craig and Tom and Craig's son Ben. They pointed out Zach and Tanner to me who were on the other about the same row we waved. Then Lisa and Lauren Mills came up and we chatted and I introduced them. Lisa said Bill was at the very start and was going fast. Saw Bob Basse there too, a few rows ahead of me.

The race started and it took about a quarter mile to weave through and get into a good pace. I can't remember the last time I bumped into so many runners at the start. Just about the time I got on pace around 6:30. I passed by Zach and he said Hey Dad. I was wondering if he was going to push and stay with me and out kick me at the end. As it turned out, he met up with Tanner and took it up tempo but not hard. 29:13. So I guess I'm still king of the house for now.

I got into an OK pace, but not as fast as I wanted. I had my Garmin and really wanted to be in the 6:15 range to be under 25:00 for the race. But I just could not push it there today. No excuses, my legs were tight (from Yoga I think, no more Yoga before a race), my knee felt fine. I could see Bob Basse ahead of me pretty much the whole way. Always about 100 meters/ 20 seconds ahead. At times he would get farther ahead and I'd close the gap. Mile 1 was about right 6:13 pace, Mile 2 was slow, 6:44. Missed the Mile 3 marker, but the last 2 miles were 6:34 average, which was my average pace for the race.

It was good I had Lisa, Craig, Tom and Zach behind me and Bob in front. Kept me focused and prevented me from dropping into an easy pace. I finished ok, not as strong as I should have. I was breathing pretty hard at the finish as was a lady next to me. I tried to get Bob's attention, he finsihed about 25 seconds ahead of me, but he was headed back on course to run with his daughters I think. Bob finished 1 second behind Bill Mills, but I don't think they know each other. So I grabbed a water and turned around to see who would finish behind me.

Lisa and Lauren were about a minute behind me, was talking to them when I saw the rest of the group. Followed by Zach and Tanner. They had finsihed together holding hands for a joke. I told them it wouldn't be so funny if they made the front page of the paper like that.

Here's a web post of how our prostates group did this year.

Pickled Prostates Results

After the race, we chatted a bit, then hit the Schwag lines and got separated. I told everyone I'd meet them at the beer garden so after I got a bag full of goodies, some drinks and some food. I headed over, where it was empty and there were tables of Michelob Ultra waiting. It was a nice big area with sun, at one end you could see the race course as it came down Franklin and then up the park road next to the garden. I tried to find Gina, Brittany and the pack, but couldn't spot them. I walked around and found Tom, we chatted, then he had to go.

The Beer Garden was filling up quick and lines were forming. I got to the edge and spotted everyone in the park with the dogs. They came over and talked on the other side of the little barrier fence, the dogs (5 of them) attracted lots of attention and comments. I'd have to say Herculese gets the most attention, he is so big and soft and gentle. Eventually Lisa and Greg and Rosy the dog, came into the beer garden and had a beer with me. By the time they got in, got in line for a beer and made there way over to where I was, it was about time to go. Gina was ready to get home and finish cooking. It was approaching 11:30. So we finished our beers, jumped the fence with Rosy and walked back to the cars. Got home about 12:15.

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Fun Day. I love thanksgiving and I love Running. So Turkey Trot is one of my Faves, no matter what. Good Friends and Good fun.

2009 Turkey Trot Results

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  1. Neat dog photo and I liked the race report. Your trot sounded a lot chillier but perhaps more fun, no beer garden at ours! I don't love beer but it's always fun to hang out after the race, right!
    Great running and no better way to start Thanksgiving; running, friends and fun!