Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sloan's Lake - Downtown and Back 7.5 Miles

Zach and I met Matt at Sloan's lake this morning to join him on part of his last Long Run before the Tucson Marathon. I had Zach scheduled for a 7 mile long run today and Matt was running later in the morning, so it worked out. We drove out to Sloan's lake, stopped to buy a G2 orange Gatorade for Matt and got there around 11. Lots of runners on the lake. We parked by the north bathrooms and waited for Matt. My right knee (the tweaker) was sore from yesterday's 11 mile uphill and downhill run. Zach had lost some conditioning since Cross Country, so i decided rather than run back to Matt's house and have him drive us back we would run 3.5 miles and turn around and run back.

We got there early and saw Matt on his first lap, he said he was going too fast but felt good. There were a lot of runners on the lake, but I'd have to say he was the fastest by far, he looked great 13 miles into a 20 miler.
It was 2.5 miles around the lake, so we were ready when he came by again. He filled his water bottle with the Gatorade I brought.

Zach and I ran 3.75 miles with Matt at his pace which was pretty fast. 7:15 on the flat parts. We went along Sloan's lake then through the neighborhood down to By REI, Confluence Park and then up the Bike Path to Stout, where we turned around. He was getting faster, 6:49 as we headed up hill on the bike path, so I was glad to turn around and slow down a bit on the way back. Pretty sure Zach was too.

Matt said he was going to "Pick it up" the last 3 miles.
It's uphill on the way back. As we got near Federal, there was a lot of Bronco game tailgating, traffic and crowds, but kinda cool to run through that atmosphere. Zach really liked the route, different from the usual runs. We ended up averaging an 8:03 pace

7.5 Miles 1:00:34

Garmin Data for Run

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