Thursday, November 12, 2009

Middle 3

Ran the middle 3 today, 18:53. A few seconds slower than last week, but I'm OK with it. I think the track work this week was counter productive for a good middle 3 time this week. Plus it was hot again 75 with sun. Tom and Jay ran it with me, we all took off our shirts. They did good.

We ran back easy, then picked it up at the end. I really picked it up the last quarter, trying to get in 4 mile race shape for the Turkey Trot.

Funny, I looked at my 2008 log and I ran the same exact middle 3 time a year ago this went. I was training for the Dallas White Rock Marathon also. Then I did 25:27 in the Turkey Trot, would like to go under 25 this year. I plan to push the middle 3 really hard next week and no track work, we will see.

Garmin Watch Data for the Middle 3

7 Miles 51 Minutes (3 at temp 18:53)

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