Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cherry Creek Bike Path - 6

Ran the cherry creek bike path today at lunch. 6 Miles, great day, temps in the 60's and sun. Ran in shorts and a tank top. What a difference a week makes.

Good group today, Jay, Craig C, Alicia, Tom, Scott and Me. Everyone split off, Craig, Alicia and I went down the bike path for 6. It was nice, a bit crowded with bikes and walkers.
One lady (rather large) yelled at Craig for not getting over when she said on your left and passed on a bike. Craig and Alicia yelled back. Funny

We saw Digger (the Rockies Mascot) on the way up the hill from the Y, as he was headed down. He pretended to run and then cowered in fear as we ran by, I gave him a high 5. That was a first.

Busy week at work this week. Lot of stuff going on, CEO, CTO and a VP in town for meetings. I could not get away yesterday and barely got out today (in fact I was late for a 1:00 meeting coming back from the Y). But it was good to get away and clear my head with a run and enjoy the day.

Hopefully I can get away over the next couple of days for at least a short run, since the weather is so nice.
6 Miles 49 minutes

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