Saturday, November 21, 2009

Idaho Springs to Downieville and Back - 11 Miles

Ran from Idaho Springs UP to Downieville and then back down to Idaho Springs.

Jill wanted to run 15 today downhill to prepare for her Tucson Marathon in 3 weeks. I dropped her off at Silverplume and then drove down to Idaho Springs, parked at Beau Jeaus (Pizza) and ran from there. It's about 700 feet elevation gain. over 6 Miles.

The frontage road was icy in the shady spots and there was a head wind going uphill. But it was runnable, didn't see any other runners though.

I was almost to the Conoco at Downieville, where I was to take a break and meet Jill for the trip down, but she had already stopped and was headed back down. I had plenty of water and was at 5.75 miles so I turned around and we ran down together at her pace.

She had a good pace going, it felt good to be going downhill on the sunny side of the road and with the wind to my back.

Jill really picked it up the last mile, it was a great pace and she was running strong. I think she is going to do well in Tucson.

11 Miles 1:37:45
Garmin Watch Data for Run

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  1. Thanks, Dennis, on so many levels for running with me today. I finally had a good run - and that was a huge spirit boost for me.