Monday, June 8, 2009

The Weekend Runs

I'm way far behind on my blog and have a ton of stuff to do, so here's a quick recap on the weekend runs.

On Saturday, we did a group run from Georgetown to Silver Plume via Guanella Pass, Jeep Road and Trail, did a quick tour of Silver Plume and came back on the bike path to Georgetown. A really neat and fun 10.5 mile loop.

Jill did a great job of describing the course and the run, with some cool pictures also. Rather than compete with her I will link to her site.

Jill's take on G'town - Silver Plume

The only negative was I was running ont the trail and tweaked my right calf, just a bit. I felt it tightening as I kept running. I was glad we decided to do the loop instead of the out and back which is 15 miles and rougher terrain and elevation.

Dennis Up Guanella Pass just before the Jeep Road
Taking a Break on a Bridge in Silver Plume

Garmin Data for Run (I messed up my watch a couple of times, so distance and pace are off)

On Sunday I wanted to do a medium distance run (8 Miles or so). My Dad is visiting so my weekend has been consumed visiting with him and May and catching up. Anyway I grabbed Lucy the Brittany Spaniel who has had a ton of energy and we went for a run. I met Jill at the park for about 3 miles, 2 easy and 1 at tempo (8:15), then Lucy and I headed back at the 4.5 mile mark. Heading back my calf started tightening and I was concerned I might set back my training. I stopped at Cherry Creek before the main bridge and let Lucy swim and run around (that dog never gets tired) for about 10 minutes while I sat in the sun and rubbed my calf. We ran home easy and my calf was tight.

Later in the day a big thunderstorm came through our part of Denver with hail and rain, most of it hit about 5 miles east (where my Sister and Gina's Sister both live and where we were headed for Dinner). A small F1 Tornado touched down at Southlands area and did some damage to the outdoor mall and some homes nearby. Jill has a picture on her blog of the Tornado too. She has become quite the Blogger.

I guess I'll rest today, so I can heal some of this up and have a decent track work tomorrow. I hate resting on Mondays though.

10.5 Miles Saturday, 9 Miles Sunday
43.5 Miles for the Week

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