Friday, June 19, 2009

Pre Mt. Evans

The night before Mt. Evans Race.
Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Will I sleep tonight? Usually not before a big or tough race.
Biggest concern is will my calf's hold and if not how much pain and will I finish.
I heard the weather could be rain in the mountains which could mean snow up top, could also mean wet. Another Pikes Peak type adventure?

No run or workout for me today. I worked through lunch and left early to take Zach to get his permit at the DMV, he got a 100% on the written test. Way to go Zach.

When I got up this morning my calf's were sore. I was disappointed. But they weren't as sore as earllier in the week. The felt ok walking around. As the day wore on they felt better and gotta admit they feel good tonight. I took some Aleve at the advice of Allison and others. I'll take 1 in the morning too, hopefully won't upset my stomach.

We had this nice carpool plan and then at the last minute it changed and Jill and I ended up getting de-carpooled, so not sure if we are riding in with Avid or on our own. I added so many runners to the car pool email that they ended up deciding not to stop and join cars in Idaho Springs.

My time from last year was 2:47:52, will I beat it, will I finish? Check in tomorow...

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