Friday, June 5, 2009

City Park Duck Pond - 5

Ran the 5 easy duck pond route today. I was a bit sore from yesterday's middle 3 and Andre didn't run today so there was no push for a 7 miler around the golf course. Don't think I would have run anyway, although Andre can be persuasive with his "7 Mile Smack".

Craig C. had some good stories about when the Y guys used to do a Centipede race - 8 of them in a costume. This was in the early - mid 80's. They used to run a tethered 10k in 37 minutes.

I am experimenting with twitter to see if it would be a good tool for communicating internally and across vans and teams for the Colorado Relay. Plus allow friends and family to check in on the team during the relay.

I have added my twitters to my side bar on the right to see how it appears on the blog and how useful it is. I will twit my daily runs prior to blogging them when I'm able.

5 Miles 42 Minutes.

Mountain Run tomorrow early...

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