Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mt. Evans Race


Evans, was different this year. It was foggy and cold at the start. They said it was so foggy up above 12000 ft it was too dangerous to drive on the road, so if the fog didn't lift they were going to stop the race at Summit lake at 9 miles. That stuck in my head and I started hoping for a 9 mile race instead of 14. He said they would post at miles 6 if it was a 9 mile or to the top race. Well the fog lifted some so it ended up being the full race.

It was really windy in one direction as you switched back and it was pretty foggy.My calf's felt really good last night and today, this morning so I had a good feeling. I started out slow, running with Jeff and Matt. Matt pulled away from us slowly and I fell in behind Jeff. About 1 1/2 miles into it I felt a pain in my left calf and from that point on it tightened up more and more. I made it to the 3 mile aid station and took a walk break (last I saw of Jeff and Matt). So I knew I was in for a long day, and I was really hoping for the 9 mile race to give me a reprieve. It got worse and worse, but I was determined to finish. I had to take more and more walking breaks since the calf would lock up on me. Craig Carver and I passed each other about 20 times. He was running slow and steady and I'd run/walk. It was kinda funny. He finished about 15 seconds ahead of me. I just could not push off that left leg strong or hold a pace for very long after about 12 miles. He finished 17 seconds ahead of me.

I ended up 3:00:30, which was 13 minutes off of last year, but my 2nd best ever. I'm disappointed with the calf but not totally surprised given where I was earlier in the week, but glad I finished at 3 hours with all the breaks I had to take. Mt. Evans feels so good when you finish, you can't help but be happy.

It was cold and windy at the top. I felt a little dizzy with my calf's locking up throwing off my balance too. I staggered around a bit like a drunk. Craig and I ate a sandwich and got our bags and waited for Jill to finish. None of the other guys were around (although Jeff must have just left). A van was about to leave so Craig got in it and I waited for Jill. My left hand was really getting cold. After about 20 minutes, I got a little concerned since she had the sinus and ear infection that either she was really struggling or she had dropped out at the 9 mile mark. I saw here bag there and got her number off of it and checked the dropped out runners list, and she had not dropped. About that time, I saw her coming in. It was hard to see very far because of the fog.

Dennis and Jill on top of a foggy and cold Mt. Evans or is it Scotland?

We got her stuff got in the Van and found out way down to the meeting point at the lodge. We ended up with the same carpool plan we started with, only we got into Craig's van. Craig already had his van at the lodge and we headed to where we parked off of Idaho Springs exit. Craig Murray had already left with his parents and Matt had to go to a picnic, so Pete, Jill, Craig, Chris and I went to TommyKnocker in Idaho Springs for a couple of beers and something to eat. It was fun. Jill's friends from Smoky Hill (Avid) were there too and we sat near them. Turns out the Diann we met on our training runs was in that group too.

It was fun and an interesting day, here's a link for how our group did...

My goal was to beat last year's time. Another missed goal. Got to get these calf problems figured out

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