Monday, June 1, 2009

Rest Day

Took a much needed rest day today after yesterday's long run. I went to the Y at lunch, stretched out and did a few weights. I stayed away from the back and abs machines since I think they might have casued my hip problems last week. I think it might be a nerve thing instead of muscular.

I saw some of the runners at the Y and chatted a bit with some about this weekend. 10 runners ran today form the Y. I counted them as they left from the upstairs window where I was stretching. That's a big crowd. I really wanted to run with them today mentally, but knew I had to rest. 52 Miles last week, big jump and biggest week in 2009.

Stats for May...

151.5 miles (21 running days).
Longest Run - 17 Miles
2009 Total 687.5 Miles (98 days 65%)
PRs - 2 (1 Mile 5:35, 10k 42:26)
Races 2

Compare with May 2008
167 Miles (22 Running days)
Longest Run - 16.5 Miles
2008 Mileage through May - 724 (107 days 70%)

So my mileage is down from 2008 by 10% and the number of total days running by 5%.
This is mainly due to injuries in the spring and more races vs long runs this year.
But my speed has improved over this time last year for most every distance and workout.

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