Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tempo/Interval Run in the Rain

I did a different workout today. Not sure if I should call it a tempo run or an interval workout becasue it was a mix. Alicia calls it a "Lactate threshold builder" I met Alicia for a run at lunch and we did a workout her coach Susan Williams gave her to improve her 10k time. Susan was an Olympic bronze medalist triathlon in Athens in 2004 (Susan's Bio)

An easy 10 minutes, then a 20-minute tempo segment, 2-3 5-minute segments that are (order of magnitude) 15 seconds faster than tempo, and 3-5 almost all-out one-minute segments. Rests are easy jogging of 1-3 mins depending on interval length.

More 10k Lactate Threshold Workouts

It rained all last night (hard) and most of the morning and Alicia almost bagged it for the treadmill, but it cleared some just before noon so we did the workout. Easy up 16th to just before the park, then 20 minutes at near her 10k pace (7:30), 3 minute break and then 3 X 5 minute intervals (7:12-7:23) pace with a 3 minute break between. Then we did 5 X 1 minute blast runs at around a 6:15 - 6:30 pace with a 2 mintute rest as we made our way back to the Y on 16th, with about a 5 minute cool down run after we were done. It was a fun workout and something different from the usual group runs we do. Dare I introduce it into our group? Would Craig C. approve or bah hum bug it as usual?

It drizzled/sprinkled most of the time with temperatures around 50. I wore a long sleve shirt with a short sleeve under it, after the 20 minute tempo I took my long sleeve off and stashed it in a tree. It felt good around the park, but then I had to lug the sweaty shirt back. I had gloves that I took on and off. There was some wind which made it cold at times, but overall good for this workout.

Garmin Data for Tempo/Interval workout

After I got home I changed out, went to the track and did 4X800 @ 2:55-2:58. It was a good workout, kinda cold and misty. Had the track to myself.

12 Miles today, 7 speed. Rest day tomorrow.

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