Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cheesman Park - Easy 4

I ran an easy Cheesman Park 4 miler today to test out my calf for Saturday's Mt. Evans Grind. It did OK, not great/cured, but not as bad as I thought at the beginning of the week. Jeff went with me. I helped him with his new Garmin 405 and we talked running/injuries and Mt. Evans of courese

The acupuncture worked. My calfs were very relaxed this morning and the knots are either softer or gone. I can walk without pain and only occaisional minor pain and tweaks when I run. Was it the electric acupuncture, 3 days good rest, trigger point massage or all 3?

Now if it can hold out for 14.5 up 4000 vertical at Mt. Evans for 3 hours remains to be seen, but I am encouraged by the progress overnight. I will take a rest day tomorrow.

I went to a free running clinic last night at the Runners Roost by my house, it was on Sports Massage and Injuries. It was OK. They stressed regular massage to break up the scar tissue, core exercises to strengthen the small muscles to not stress the large ones and Yoga. It was about 1/2 sales pitch to join the Runners Edge running group and their core training boot camp and also to go see the Massage Therapist (Karen Kalbach). I became the "class example" since I had a recent injury and was already getting regular massages. She said my problems were probably in my pelvic region affecting my form, but would need to examine me in detail to determine for sure ($$$).

Also met the owner of the Runners Edge, David. He had a lot of runners he is coaching and is an experienced runner himself. He has had calf issues and runs on his toes also. He said Karen has helped him. He asked me about my races and I told him what I had coming up. He said he has a group doing Pkes Peak Full and one doing St. George and then a Boston Group all training on downhill.

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