Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Easy 5 at CC Park with the Dogs

Ran an easy 5 at CC Park with the dogs.
I took the day off work to do a college tour of UNC (Northern Colorado) with Brittany.

So I loaded up the dogs, drove down to by the old library and took them to the dog park for a run. I took it easy, real easy and let them stop and swim and play. They probably ran about 3 times as far as me.

It was nice and cool and mainly on a dirt road or path. Perfect easy miles.

The trip to Greeley was good. I think Brittany will fit in well there. We walked around and saw her dorms and the campus.

A storm moved in just as we got back home and we had a lot of rain and thunder and lightning. I took a nice afternoon nap, it felt so good.

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