Monday, June 22, 2009

Congress Park - 5

Ran Congress Park route today.We had a big group today, 12 runners left from the Y.We did an easy pace and talked about Mt. Evans for the first couple of miles mainly.

When we got to Cheesman we split off, a couple did Cheesman.
The congress group (Craig M, Craig C, Alicia, Jay and myself did Congress)

The rest went to Wash park for the 7.

Alicia did the 5430 Boulder Sprint Trathlon yesterday in 1:30:29 and finished 2nd in her divison.

Congratulations Alicia


It was hot today, in the mid 80's at lunch and sunny.I wasn't sure if I should run today or give the calf a few days rest, but I rested so much last week and I need to get used to the heat for the summer so I decided to run.I was glad I did, my calf seemed to loosen up with the slow pace I am going to go every other day for the week and no speed work this week.

Hope to get in a long run next weekend. I am way overdue on that. I put my schedule on my calendar but I might try to do another run on Saturday if I keep improving.

5 miles 40 minutes.

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