Monday, June 15, 2009

Recover Day 1

Taking a few days off to recover from calf issues to try to get healthy enough for Mt. Evans.

Day 1, went to the Y, stretched, did some weights and abs.

The stretching seemed to help and it felt better walking around and back to work.

Read some stuff on calf pulls and most do not recommend stretching for a few days to let heal.

I'll stretch some tonight.

I got some information from Alicia on trigger point/therapy on the Calf Musles that look very promising. Looks like it might be the Soleus and could be related to running on uneven surfaces, dehydration and circulation. I will try the therapy for the next few days.

Also got a contact info for her physical therapist in Boulder that has used dry needling to relieve tense muscles (something I've read and heard about).

Also looking at contacting my accupuncturist (from 5 years ago) for a potential quick fix for the race and maybe long term also.

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