Sunday, July 18, 2010

W & OD Trail Long Run - 17

Did a long run from my hotel in Herndon, VA over to the W & OD Trail, went West for 3.1, then back to the middle and then 3.1 East and back then to the Hotel, 17 total.

I got up early. 5:15 and was running before the sun came up at 5:40. Had about an hour before the sun started to show. It warmed up pretty quick after that, but overall not too bad until the last mile. Pretty shaded in spots. I took 3 Gus at miles 5,10,14.7. That was about right. Water at the middle point where I joined the trail, so that worked out well. I took my water pack.

Lots of runners and tons of bikers. I ran mainly on the gravel path for the lower pounding and less traffic. Also more shade. It is a bit hillier and rough in a few spots.

I was surprised how slow my pace was, I was about 20 seconds a mile slower than last weeks long run. Not sure what's up with that. I felt like I was pushing at a good pace and then I'd check my Garmin and it was slower than I thought and I'd have to kick it up some. The last 3 miles I was too tired to kick it up some so it showed.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

47.5 Miles for the week, not bad for traveling with all the work we are doing and then the heat and humidity. But my pace is pathetic, not much quality here, just quantity.

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