Monday, July 26, 2010

CC Park Long Run - 18 Miles

Long Run this morning at Cherry Creek State Park. Left the house at 7:37, later that usual for a summer long run, but there was a cool front that moved in that kept the temperatures in the 70's this weekend.

I was still sore from the 14er on Friday, hips, glutes and back especially. I started out on pace but lost it and ran slow most of the way. I'm concerned about the pace of my long runs, I need to go back and check my times from last year to see where I was on 18 miles. Every week seems like a different excuse.

It got warm around 8:30 and I thought I might be in trouble, but then it cooled off again when some clouds moved over about 9.

I ran 18 inside the park, almost reaching the dam on the other side. To get to 20, I would need to loop up by the camp grounds.

I only got in 4 days this week with 38 miles, but I did have another 8 on the 14er where I ran much of the way down.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

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