Friday, July 9, 2010

City Park and Cheeseman

Ran the City Park Duck Pond 5 with a a lap around Cheeseman for 7 total.

Eric ran with us today. Haven't seen him since he moved to Houston last summer. He's still in good running shape and hung with the group like old times. Good to run with you again Eric. He's here in colorado for a 2 week family vacation.

Also ran with Craig C, Craig M and Matt. Nice day 70's, with sunshine. Lot's of stuff going on at City park, cut off part of our route due to an arts fair and zoo construction.

I was going to do the golf course but got caught up in conversation and forgot. So I decided to stay with the group until the Cheesman cutoff. When we got to Park Avenue Jay was waiting on the corner on his way out, so he and I ran Cheesman.

7 Miles 57 Minutes

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  1. It was my great pleasure to run with all of you again. The weather was marvelous and the conversation very enjoyable. Good to see you!