Tuesday, July 6, 2010

EHS Track

Went to the EHS track at lunch for Interval/Speed work.
Jay and Pete went also, Craig C went ahead to get the key from the frog and met us there.

I did 4X800 at 255,256,256,254, with a 3 minute recovery (200 meters) in between.

I did 1 400 at 80 seconds at the end.

Ran back with Pete at an easy pace.

It was upper 80's and sunny. Felt the heat, but I took some water which helped.

6 Miles 46 Minutes with 2.25 miles of speed work.

After work, I ran another 4.5 miles in my Piney Creek Neighborhood. I ran through a few areas I usually don't and up and down some hills. I tried to create a path where I never crossed a previous path without leaving the neighborhood. It was a nice evening, we had a quick shower from 6:30 to 7:30, I left about 7:30 and ran easy. Nice rainbows with a great sunset over the Rockies and thunderstorm clouds to the north and east.

4.5 Miles 38 minutes.

10.5 miles for the day

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