Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Herndon VA Hotel - 2 Runs - 8 Miles

I ran twice today. Did 5 in the morning and then 3.2 after work. Both runs were in the area around the hotel.

This morning I went over to Frying Pan Road and crossed a pedestrial bridge to the park. There was a nice tral there that I ran a bit, till it ended at a stream with no crossing and no trail on the other side. So I went the other direction and same thing, I ran along the trail and it got muddy and rocky and then I ran into a huge spider web (covered in sweat, yuk), so I ran back an then did a loop around Sun Valley Drive back to the hotel for 5 miles.

After work, I ran 3 easy around the hotel area with a dip into a new park area they are building, it's a really nice soccer field with some Tennis Courts too, kind of weird. Anyway did 3.2 total.

8.2 for the day. Easy Miles though. I talked to a guy named Mike (I think) who has been staying at the hotel since February and is training for the Baltimore Marathon. He's from Raleigh, NC. Humidity not a problem for him.

This is my last run in VA. We have a busy day tomorrow, with the big demo downtown DC, the day starts early and I fly back at night so no run tomorrow. Out of the 10 days I was here, I ran 6 so I'm good with that. My pace was slower than Denver and no tempo or speed.

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  1. Good luck on the presentation today, hope you nail it and win the job!! And welcome home to no humidity tonight!!! Well, we have had some humidity b/c of all the rain but nothing like the East Coast!