Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EHS Track Intervals 6X800

I ran 6 X 800 Intervals at the EHS track at lunch today. It was hot, upper 80's, sunny with no wind. Kind of like August Intervals which was the last time I did 800's.

My times were slower, but I ran easy but up tempo, not wanting to stress my hamstring or glute which are feeling much better. Also my cough is almost gone, just a bit of congestion but did not impact my workout.

Splits were 258,303,305,302,308,257. I did a 400 recover lap in between with a 4-5 minute full recovery. I took water which I needed because it was so hot and dry.

Bob, Scott, Pete, Craig C and Tom were running at the track today, 400's, Pete did the first 800 with me. None of the Marathon training group but it's getting close to their marathons.

Speaking of Marathons, the Denver marathon is full and closed and I did not get registered so I guess I am out. I was leaning towards running it with low expectations, but now I can take it off my list. I do have a backup plan, but still thinking about it.

7.5 Miles with 3 Miles of Speed Work

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