Thursday, September 16, 2010

Y - Alameda

I ran from the Y to Alameda and back today at lunch. 6.5 Miles.

I did not do a middle 3, decided to run easy. I did catch the group (Jay, Tom and Tim) and run from Alameda back to 6th with them at their pace (6:45) for 1 1/4 miles.

Warm day. Tim got a middle 3 PR of 21:04, he's 2 weeks out from his Twin Cities Marathon and in great shape. I think he will easily meet his 3:45 goal. Jeff ran a middle 3 and is 3 weeks out from Chicago, he's in great shape too. Jay ran a solid middle 3 and is 7 weeks out from NY Marathon.

I seem to be on the verge of a having a cold. Sore throat and a nagging cough. Out of the blue, but very light.

6.5 Miles 50 Minutes with 1 1/4 at tempo.

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