Sunday, September 12, 2010

Long Run 20

Got up this morning and did a long run - 20. My last long run was 2 weeks ago and I melted in the heat, so I got up real early and was running at 6:30 am. Just as the sun was coming up. Very nice morning, crisp like September should be. Partly cloudy, temperature around 50. I wore a singlet because it would warm up before I was done for sure.

I had a very slow run. Another one. And I can't blame the heat on this one. I was even slower than 2 weeks ago. I could never really get into that long run pace. At the start I was tight, I guess from the 5k the day before. But I hydrated and got a great nights sleep.

I ran the same route as last time. The Denver Half Marathon was scheduled to start at 9:00. I ended up running several miles of the course, usually in the opposite direction. I ran through the start and finish area by the Marina just as the runners were starting to arrive around 7:30.

So 20 Miles. Not sure if I am going to do a Marathon if I cannot have a decent 20 mile long run before the taper. I have 2 more shots. My left leg is a mess from my hip,glute,hamstring and down to my heel. I feel that leg dragging and slowing me down as I run. Not everyday but on speed workouts or today on the long run.

It was a tough week. I logged 53 miles with 2 races (10 mile and a 5k) and another 12 mile day with the 20 at the end of the week and only 1 rest day (Friday). Maybe that explains my results. I might go for an easy week coming up with another 20 on Saturday.

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